Among other things I’m a software entrepreneur, fiction writer, canulier, endurance runner, warrior for democracy, and horror movie fan.  I love my work and hanging out with my family, reading, alpine skiing and running.  I especially love trail running and have recently begun endurance races (50 miles +).  I can still throw a softball hard enough to make you scared to take an at-bat but these days have more opportunities to play tennis, a new love (why didn’t anyone tell me how fun it was?!)

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, arriving here via Texas from the midwest, my journey including a career  in marketing research at companies whose brands are well-represented in most American homes.

I write a lot of horror fiction, but I also write personal essays including a series The Stepmom Chronicles.  I also like to write about running, since so much of my writing comes to me *while* I am running.

Thanks for stopping by to read, your comments are welcome!

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